Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life is...weird.

Well...nothing really new from the last time, except a book. I got this book on like Wednesday last week and I read it in like 2 to 3 days. It is one of the best books I have ever read!! Read it! The book is called "Little Brother" by Cory Doctorow. The book is written in first person, by a boy called Marcus, a.k.a w1n5t0n. The story take place a few years from now. All the students have a computer of their own and all. Hes on the web, and learns Harajuku Fun Madness has realized a new clue. Has anyone heard of ARG? Its Alternate reality game. You have to solve puzzles in real life and you play online. Hard to explain, but yeah, that's what happens. You have to find the clue, solve it and send it to the owner of the game, before other groups finish it. Marcus's group consists of Darryl, Van, and Julu. He invites them all to go and though Darryl protests at first, Marcus convinces him. The school is full of security cameras and the library books have arphids. Arphids are basically what is in your credit cards and such. They are some kind of identification and they can track students, when students have a library book or something. Despite all this, Marcus and Darryl bunk school and meet Van and Julu near a subway. Btw, this all takes place in San Francisco. So they come to the place where the clue is said to be and use their wifinders to get the clue, but something really tragic happens! The Bay Bridge is bombed!!!! The polic usher them all into the underground subway, but Darryl is somehow hurt, so they dont go into the subway and look for help. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mistakes them for terrorists and take them away. They intoregate and find out they really aren't. They let them free, but still keep an eye on them. Van, Marcus and Julu are free, but Darryl seems to be missing. Soon after Marcus comes to realize, the DHS are suspecting everyone of terrorists in San Francisco. He knows the DHS is keeping Darryl and he wants revenge on them. Btw, if you didn't know DHS is basically the government. =/ So anyway he can't fight in front of them, but he can behind them. He decides to take revenge on them through the internet and technology. He builds an encrypted site, along with an anonymous army of followers. Read this book! Its great. It taught me all I needed to know about encrypting and stuff. Its just amazing. ReAd iT nOw!!! So yeah.
I just finished an essay for the outward bound scholarship. I hope I have done a good job. I really want to go on that trip!!
I also just finished my review for the book "The Secret Under My Skin" by Janet McNaughton. It was actually pretty good. It talked about the environment and the government. It was thought-provoking. Read it.
And yeah...I got to go make a speech now. So talk to you later. =) Bye.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Long time, no change...

I apologize. I know its been a long time. If anyone has been following this blog, I'm extremely sorry! There are many explanations I could give and reasons why I wasn't posting anything and get away with it, but no. Its my fault, I was just being lazy.
Well, to condense about 4-5 months, life has been a haze. It has always been. Nothing has really changed much. Except one thing. And that's testing for my Tae Kwon Do black belt. =) I think it went well. I tested on March 7th. It was 2 days. On friday we had to run a mile, without stopping, then conditioning and finally hapkido and take downs. The second was just scary! I started out with kicking and conbos, followed by forms and finally board breaking. Board breaking kinda sucked. I had to break like 3 or 4 12" boards for my power break. Do I seriously look like I can do that? Im like 5' 2-3" Seriously! As expected, I didn't do it. But there were kicks and most of them, I did well. Overall, I think I did well. Sparring sucked a little too. I was already tired and I had to sparr. My first opponent, was almost twice my size and he got to me...way too fast. My second opponent, was not so good. I did well. Finally I had to sparr two people. Me and this other guy went against one, and then the opponent and me went against my first partner and finally it was my turn. Ouch! I was almost dead and I had these two guys to settle. They both were way bigger than me. And at point, they both kicked my nuts...-_-, at the same time. It hurt. I got kicked like about 20-30 seconds before the round ended. Anyway, after everything ended, our master invited us to Sweet Tomatoes. It was enjoyable.
What was kind of a pain was that the week I tested was when I had my finals. I had to go to practice and I had to study for my finals. Managing everything was not something I ever wanted to do again. All the same, finals went fine. Last week, we could choose any book we want to read for class and I chose "The Secret Under My Skin" by Janet McNaughton. It was a bit slow in the beginning, but its actually pretty good now. =)
So yeah. Spring break...not good, neither too bad. Its ok I guess. My mum has been pushing my to study for the SAT. Its a little annoying. I good at everything, except standarized testing.
I want a keyboard too. Like an electronic piano. Im inspired, after seeing one of my favorite musical composers A.R.Rahman win at the oscars. It was such a pleasure. I have never actually played a musical instrument. Yeah...its sad. I always wanted to though. And if I have the motivation, then definitely I can learn an instrument. Like last year I bought a guitar just because every other friend of mine was playing a guitar. I really didn't work out well enough. But the kayboard, trust me! I do have the motivation, right at this moment!
Well...nothing else I guess. So comment on this and well, I guess talk to you later.

Don't forget me. Please!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Talk about a taxing life...good or bad, who knows.

The last 2 days have been...I don't know how to say it, they have been interesting but vexing. On Thursday it was pretty cool. I had clubs and in the research club, me and Naman have come up with a pretty good idea of what we might be doing. It seems complex, but once we talk to Mr.Geren about it, it will definitely seem way more "organized." (Sorry, I don't know what words to use, the wrong ones sometimes give the wrong impression.) So yeah, in MUN we have picked our country, Pakistan. Yeah, I know I'm Indian and all that, but it wasn't my choice but "our" choice. It holds many issues we can address. A few of the main ones will be about the UNDHR, United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Hopefully everything goes well and our say will change something. :)
I also got my causes of the Great Depression essay back. Guess what? Amazingly I got a 3. For those who are laughing at me cuz I got a 3, we have a proficiency grading system. 1 is the lowest, 2, is developing and 3 is the highest score meaning you meet it or exceed it. It was really cool! I got a 3! I expected to get a 2, obviously Im not that good at essay writing and about the Great Depression just makes it worse. By the way, Im not boosting, I am just very much surprised that I know so much about the Great Depression, when like a few weeks ago this essay would have rewarded me a 1.
Anyway, after school I had my Tae Kwon Do black belt pre-test. And all I can say was that it was TIRING! Literally. Im starting to wonder if the black belt test could possibly be something that will slowly suck your energy away, gradually weakening you until you get to sparr and you are down for. Then our Masters go " Haha! I tricked you!" Who knows....its close to halloween. Creepy! Anyway, I passed, thank you. But in my opinion I did horrible! I kinda forgot my take downs, so when Nathan held my hand asking me to take him down, well, I didn't do it right. I just got a pass. :P So yeah, it was intense. Waiting for your masters to give you your review sheet and knowing you did bad and whhether you will pass or not. I know nobody passed with an "Excellent" And as far as know I have gotten "Excellent" since yellow belt testing. Oh well, nothing to complain about.
There wasn't anything much on Friday. Except I had my skit/drama/dancing/acting practice, w/e you want to call it. An automatic question would be " What skit or drama?" Well, Im sorry but its for an Indian festival and you guys just wont get it. Either Im not explaining right, or Im way over my head, sorry random thoughts. So yeah it started at like 7 and went till 10:30 or so.
Today morning, from 9 to like 1 I had the Beaverton Youth Summit to attend. It was pretty cool. Mr.McCreery was one of the speakers. It was cool and felt like, for some reason, a humanities class. =) First session was devoted to crime control and student rights w/e. The next session was about affirmition (sp?) action. It was...meh, didn't hold much interest for me. The third session I enjoyed most. It was basically about Obama and McCain. But remember I don't like politics, so how can I be saying I enjoyed it most? My friends, its a simple answer. You enjoy something more when you already know things about it. Do you think I know about affirmition (sp?) action? No. Police control and all that? No. What about Obama and McCain? *grin* Yes....I do. And Im glad I studied and learned about them in Mr.McCreery's class. lol. And the affirmition action thing, we were talking about and I was surprised to see that every members of a particular school formed their own groups. We didn't mix take myself, I was with Rian and then Frances, Kat, Teja, Kara, Kyle, Megan, Suzanne joined us. There were only 11 students from Health and Science, the other 2 being 2 froshies, Tanvi and Sukanya who seemed to have strangely gone somewhere else. So yeah, we formed our own group and then beside us I noticed a Westview and Jesuit groups. And in the center of the room, Beaverton, Aloha and all. It was wierd cuz we talked about race and how if that had to something about whether you get a job somewhere or not. And whether your gender mattered at all. And here we were forming our own groups again. And if you, unlike me, don't see the connection, forget it Im confused.
So after that I had my skit/drama/dancing/acting practice again. From 2 to 5 or something. The full practice. It was good, though I kind of wished I had a more significant role. It would have been good, but oh well. Im happy with what I have got. I came home and watched "Engineering Thrills" for a while, before going to bed and waking up at 6:45. =) Im tired now.
And as a final note, a small sing-along most probably no one would enjoy. But mostly likely make Mr.McCreery proud:
C.A.R.P.E, C.A.R.P.E,
C.A.R.P.E , C.A.R.P.E , C.A.R.P.E
C.A.R.P.E , C.A.R.P.E ,
C.A.R.P.E , C.A.R.P.E , YEAH!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PSAT....a standarized test. Ugh!

So....PSAT. What do you think? Preliminary(sp?) Scholastic Aptitude Test. Everyone knows I suck at standarized tests. They are just way too....proffessional looking, they scare me! I mean, come on, a bunch of people sitting in a room all quite taking a test, that is definitely scary! For me at least....Anyway I took it today and it was....kinda wierd and I hope I did well. Who knows how many answers I answered right nad how many I missed. I hate Critical Reading, I suck at that part. Math isn't so bad, its number Im good. Wow, I just realized I dont know what else to talk about.
Guess what? Clubs start tomorrow! Sweet!! I cant wait to start Research and MUN. I know....I am just proving Indian stereotypes and you guys probably want to kill me, you Indians...sorry cant help it. Its just me who likes it very much. I think its fun. So, BACK OFF!! =P Nothing else, good day and good bye.

I will be back soon....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cant Wait!!!

First off I thank blogger/blogspot for letting me post my thoughts. Then you people are and will be reading my posts. Well, thank you. Haha, sorry. This is my first post and I didn't know how to start, so I tried to sound like those wanne-be presidents, lol. My word choice, hopefully would have kinda given an insight to what kind of a person I am. I do not like politics and dont give a single crap for it. Not unless Im forced to for studies. Again, I am Indian, so unlike you guys I do care for how much I get in class. Like Mr.McCreery said we had to watch the debates and thats the only reason I watched it and I will watch the last one. I call myself a Democrat but if I had a choice, yeah, then probably I would be myself. =) I dont understand politics either. Life is way too short to worry about who will rule next. As far as its not Bush again. God dang it, I hate that guy. Hes such a fool, which compells me to tell you a small story:
You know when you are on the net and there are all these adds and crap? Ok, so I was browsing and as always I saw the add, "Bush's IQ is 125, can you beat him?" I got so bored of it, I asked my dad if his IQ really was 125, if it had been then I would probably had to die. Cuz the last time I checked mine, it was like 130 or something. Anyway, I asked him if his IQ really was 125 and the response I got was "It is partly right. Its not 125, but probably just 25." True in some way, I would say hes so stupid they probably need a new IQ score.
Anyway, Bush was really stupid in taking us into the war and all. OH!! I have another small story:
You know Im Indian right, so there was this new movie called "Dasavatharam" and Kammal in that plays 10 different roles. And surprisingly one of his characters is Bush. Man, he is so articulate in his acting. The make-up wise, character wise etc. Anyway there is this part where is on a limosine and there is a guard who gets a call. He says " Someone...needs tons and tons of NaCL." Ok, I know that probably most of you dont know what it means, but its simple. It just means salt. We have an excuse as we are just common people, but as a president he must know this. You know Abdul Kalam? The last president of India? Well guess what, he was actually a real scientist. HE WOULD PROBABLY KNOW what Im talking about. But Bush.....ahh....pity pity pity. A really poor president indeed. Anyway the guy goes someone needs tons and tons of NaCL. And BUSH just stares.....not taking a thing in. He doesn't get it AT ALL!!! How stupid could you be? Even I knew it, even the guard, but not the president. I can only feel pity for him. Oh well, hes a goner, and we need change! Barack Obama has change on its way! Please let himbe president. Us middle class could probably go rich that way. =P McCain, through his taxes, only the rich will benfit. And of course hes way toooo old. And various other reasons, like what about PDSDS, you know, Post Dramatic Stress Disorder. etc etc etc. I know I dont have good reasons, thanks, but I already know.
Anyway.....that was not at all what I was going to talk about. I am just really really excited today. I get to go the garbaa! Yeah!!! You wouldn't know what that is and neither would I expect you to know. Its celebrated for a reason, its actually a festival where us Indians get together and dance! Basically dance and party till 1. Yeah.....if there 1 thing I have learned about Indians over the years, it is that we are definitely "Indians are party Animals." Yep! You wont believe it, after what you see in school and all, how we study study study and all, but its the simple and sour truth. Im sorry, but truth must be known. We wear all our real luxurious and colorful dresses and look pretty tradional and all. And I, Vedanth Narayanan, born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India on the 14th of June, 1993 at 2 o'clock in the night is PROUD of it! I really am....its fun getting all Indians together to dance. Not just dance, but dance with dhandia sticks. Small sticks that you "dont" whack with. Its really fun you know, you should probably give it a try. Next year cuz I know you probably have things going on tonight and tommorrow. So yea.....nothing else. Guess its time for me to leave. And PARTYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it is time I leave. I bid farewell, good night, sweet dreams, sleep well, sleep tight, until next time my dear friends.

"Remember me and smile, for it's better to forget than remember and cry." -Anon